Wednesday, November 26, 2014

December Goals

Did I skip my outfit post on Saturday? Yes, yes I did. I had some personal things going on last week, and I wasn’t quite in the right state of mind to take the time to do a blog post. My apologies! I have since decided that I’m just going to do last week’s outfit post this week. And since I’ll be out of outfits starting next week since classes are finishing, that means you have one extra week of posts! So no complaints right? I also got a nasty sounding cough out of nowhere, so I’m hoping it doesn’t result in a full blown sickness. That is not what I need when it is coming down to finals. I mean, I have three papers due next week. We’ll see how things go.

I made a plan for today’s post, but I want to share something different. December is coming up. It’s in less than a week. Seeing as I have only one exam, I want to focus my time on me. I can feel myself losing focus and motivation and myself in general. I haven’t been taking the time I need to recharge. I’m behind on work, and I’m not enjoying school as much as I used to. This is real talk time. No one is perfect, but that doesn’t mean we can’t strive to be the best versions of ourselves. So I have a plan. I’m giving myself five simple steps for success in December. I say simple because I have a bigger goal in my mind, but if I try to accomplish the bigger goal first, then I will become overwhelmed. So I am keeping it simple. Here we go:

1.       Workout

My dad and my sister have been on my back about getting my legs ready for an upcoming ski trip. And they have a point. I should be working out my legs this month. And I should be working out in general. So my goal here is to work out my legs as well as my arms because I feel like that’s important too.  The thing is, I hate working out. I refuse to be around people because I am uncomfortable and sometimes, I cry. I’ll be taking small steps and figure out how to do it.

2.       Paint my Nails

This is part of the “take care of myself” thing. I have so much nail polish, and I find it so calming to paint my nails, but I have not done it at all. My nails look awful, and I miss the polish! So I intend to bring it back to a weekly schedule and have some me time.

3.       Catch Up on Notes

I am so behind on my notes. I planned to copy out my notes to make them legible, but I have been slacking on it. I know that once I clean up the notes that are littered around my room, my mind will be a little clearer as well. It will also put me in a good place once January rolls around.

4.       Go to Bed Early

I am awful at going to bed early. It is currently 11:46 pm, and I still need to shower and get ready for bed. Case in point. I want to actually put an effort forward to go to bed early so I can wake up early and get stuff done.

5.       Plan Ahead

It’s not just that I don’t do this. It’s that I don’t stick to it. Or I plan ahead unrealistically and I spend too much time on things that don’t matter as much. For example, I want to write out my blog posts ahead of time. I know what I’m writing about. Just not when I actually write them.

So there are my December goals. I have written them down and published them on the Internet, so I need to put forth a conscious effort to make it happen. Wish me luck!

What tips do you have for refocusing your life?


Tuesday, November 18, 2014

The Big Picture

This past week, it started to snow where I live. As I was driving to pick my friend up, I was thinking about how I came to terms with certain things, and how I continue to have work to do to fully let go of a few more situations that have come up in my life. I was thinking about how I knew how silly things would seem in perspective, but also how hard it is to simply get over it. So in my toasty car, and with the swirling snow around me, I finally understood.

Each individual experience we have with a friend, or a family member, or with our personal struggles is like a snowflake. Snowflakes are, in fact, completely different from each other. One experience will not be the same compared to the next. That’s why we want to hold on so tight. But snowflakes are not meant to be held on to. In a futile attempt, we go around trying to catch these snowflakes, but ultimately, we are disappointed. If you try to hold a snowflake, it melts. Sometimes, we just need to let things fall into place. If we let the snow fall, we realize that it’s all part of a bigger picture. We can appreciate the snowflakes not for their individuality, but for their ability to be a part of something beyond them. And eventually, we can look back on the mountains we’ve climbed and see the beauty in the entire scenery. We see that each snowflake had a reason to be there, and if we had kept them all, then the world would have a little less beauty in it.

So we can look back on our experiences, and we will forget who got mad at who first, but we will realize that each experience is just a way to build you up. Our experiences are a part of us, but they do not define us. It’s all part of a bigger picture. I believe that everything happens for a reason. Most of the time, we don’t know what that reason is, and as hard as that is, we need to keep it mind. The power of perspective allows us to rise out of an unhappy place with the affirmation that in the end, things WILL turn out right. Keep your chin up, and remember to appreciate the obstacles that you have overcome.


Saturday, November 15, 2014

Copycat the Cool Way #15

So this week as been wonderful. I finished up an essay, got some surprisingly good marks back, and I visited my old high school to catch up with my old English teachers. I had some fantastic teachers in high school. One helped me realize how I wanted to teach English in high school. The other talked about England so much that I decided that I want to go to there for exchange. One of the reasons I chose my University was because of the exchange program. And I am currently in the process of applying for exchange to go to Leeds in England next year. It's already so exciting!

Despite all that great stuff, the highlight of the week was last night's themed birthday party. I didn't think themed parties were a real thing, but I have been to two already this year. I have three friends that share birthdays in December, and they never get to celebrate it during exam time, so they had it right now. Since it was a triple birthday, the theme was three. My friends and dressed up as baseball players, and we were "Three Strikes You're Out." It was kind of perfect actually. And it was so much fun! I have no pictures of the full costumes, but believe me!

Tuesday- I was so excited to see that the temperature was decent enough for tough-skinned people like me to go outside with just a sweater. However, the temperature did not stay so nice. I have this thing where I love winter, but I don't want it to come around until it's actually winter, so I don't dress for the cold at all as a protest. Needless to say, Mother Nature does not listen. So I went outside in just this shirt and sweater. The outfit came from my own mind, but I was inspired to add a statement necklace from Hello Fashion. I got compliments from people who had never talked to me before, so I think I did something right!

Sweater- Garage
Shirt- Aeropostale
Pants- Old Navy
Boots- Old Navy
Necklace- Garage

Wednesday- So I love cozy sweaters. The cable knit thing right now is my form of a winter wonderland heaven.  And the extra big and cozy scarves are getting up there on my list too. I got to wear both with this inspiration from J. Crew.

Scarf- Garage
Sweater- Old Navy
Oxfords- The Bay

Thursday- Both of classes were cancelled this day, but it was the day I went back to my high school, and I was running errands for the costumes. Basically, I wanted to wear a good outfit, but I didn't want to waste one of my looks on a day where I saw minimal people. So in light of #tbt, I decided to  look back on my outfits from the past for ideas. This one came from my second outfit post when I didn't have any system of organization within my posts. I did change the outfit slightly, and I did that top button up. Am I cool yet?
Sweater- Roots
Button up- Old Navy
Jeans- Old Navy
Boots- Wal-Mart

Friday- I just wanted to wear a sweater. I wanted to be cozy, but I wanted to look good too.  Enter  the statement necklace. I had been admiring the way my favourite YouTuber has been pulling off a plain shirt/sweater and the statement necklace. So I channelled my inner Grace Helbig (pictured to the right)and I went for it. I used inspiration from Atlantic-Pacific for the casual cool look, and it was great to wear a sweater. But let me tell you, when the fire alarm goes off for a drill in the middle of class when it just so happens to be snowing, this is not warm enough. Also, I did not feel like putting my boots on to take the picture.

 So there was my week! I still love the idea of the costume party.
Have you been to any themed parties?

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Pinterest Challenge- Letter Bottles

As I mentioned in my last challenge post, I do not do enough crafty things. In fact, I do nothing crafty. Art has never been my forte. My mom bought me the Old Navy shirt that says "less is more" (as seen in Friday's outfit here) just so I would keep that in mind if I ever ventured into the creative world. And I guess I did. I found the idea on Pinterest, and the title of the article on Buzzfeed is 31 Insanely Easy and Clever DIY Projects, so I figured that it was worth a shot. Aaaaand I messed up the first one. TIP: Do the letters slowly. You can see every mark when you paint it over.

1. You can use any jar or bottle or container you want.
2. Using a hot glue gun, *CAREFULLY* write a word on the bottle.
3. Let the glue fully dry before proceeding to the next step.

1. I used a sponge brush and white acrylic paint for my jars.
2. Completely paint the jar, including in between the letters.
3. Let the jar dry overnight before adding a second coat. When doing a second coat, I did not paint in between the letters, I simply brushed over them.

The final products were amazing. I am currently using the two taller jars to store beauty products.


 You can use any words you would like for the jars. On the jars pictured two above, I put some inspirational words on so I have a daily reminder. On the jars pictured directly above,  I put two values that mean something to me.
I am proud of myself for completing this project. In total, it took an hour to do all four jars. And they look amazing on display in my room. If you're looking for some easy decorations, I strongly suggest this project.
Have you ever tried something like this from Pinterest?

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Copycat the Cool Way #14

Another late post. It has been difficult to find the time to get everything done. I have realized a few adjustments I need to make at this busy time of school. I am lucky that all my midterms and essays are spread out, but starting this week, I have something due every week. So I am going to need to tweak some of my time management skills. Never too late to learn a new way to do something!

Tuesday- I love this baseball tee. The original outfit from Harper's Bazaar called for a scarf that was similar tones to the shirt. I decided to go a different way and try a colourful scarf. It was a fun way to make an outfit even brighter, especially since the weather has been so dismal this week!

Scarf- Gift from New York
Shirt- Bootlegger
Jeans- Old Navy
Boots- Old Navy

Wednesday- One of my favourite stores is Roots, because of the quality and comfort. And I mean comfort. I could live in the sweatpants alone, but the whole point of this post is to NOT wear sweatpants in public. The reason I bring this up is because both my t-shirt and the sweater came from Roots, and it was perfect for my longest day at school. The idea is from Ealuxe.

Scarf- Garage
Sweater- Roots
T-shirt- Roots
Jeans- Old Navy
Boots- Wal-Mart

Thursday- Thursday was one of those days. I had an appointment at school in the morning, and I stuck around for class to find out that my classes were cancelled for the day. And it rained every time I went outside. And I lost my house key somewhere in my house. And this outfit from Fashionista Trends was too warm for the day. Am I complaining? Maybe.

Scarf- Gift from New York
Sweater- Nevada
T- Shirt- Target
Jeans- Old Navt
Boots- Sorel

Friday- I got a lot of compliments on this outfit. Why? The bold lip. It's amazing how a simple outfit can be changed by something as simple as a good lipstick. I mentioned the NYC Lip stain in my September monthly favourites, and since then, I have bought many more lip glosses and stains and sticks. The original outfit from an unknown source called for a messy cool look, so I like to think I elevated the overall style.

Scarf- Garage
T-shirt- Old Navy
Jeans- Old Navy
Boots- Old Navy

So there are my outfits. I felt the most confident and cool on Friday, and I have the lip colour to thank for that!

What was that last thing you wore that made you feel confident?


Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Coming to Terms With . . .

Fill in the blank. I have come to terms with __________. I think people underestimate how powerful it is to come to terms with things in your life. In terms of how powerful it can be for yourself, I align it with letting people go. This can apply to any situation. In my case, I have recently come to terms with a couple things, and I feel so free. It has made me happier, and things that I used to worry about are no longer on the forefront of my mind. I recently explained this idea to a friend, and he agreed with me.
The first situation of mine is the fact that I’m single. I always say that I don’t have a problem with it. And I don’t. That being said, it’s hard to be single when all my closest friends are in relationships, and the university culture means that I see and hear about people hooking up more than I care to know about. It’s tough to know that at this time, I’m not what most guys want because I want a relationship and not a hookup. However, through a conversation with some good friends, I have come to terms with this. I know that I have a lot to give in a relationship. I know that I am different than a lot of girls around me. I know which qualities that I possess that make me desirable. I am in a constant battle with my inner demons over the insecurities that come with knowing those things, but being in a world that contrasts those thoughts. My friends made me realize that yes, at the time, it is tough to believe in myself, but my amazing qualities are ones that will be valuable in the future. I may not be first in line for guys right now, but in the future, when they want to settle down in a relationship, than I will come into consideration. I’m making this sound like a business arrangement, but it is a thought that has comforted me many times. Do I still have lonely times? Yes. But they come around less since I have come to terms with the idea of being single. I do admit that I would have feelings of jealousy towards my friends in relationships, but that is a feeling that has disappeared. I have plenty of time to be single and have fun and do my own thing before starting a relationship, and I am now thankful for this!
[unknown source]
My second situation I will address in a general way because it was something that happened recently, and I’d rather not share details. I pride myself on living without regret. I choose to learn and grow from every situation, whether it is positive or negative. However, I recently found myself in a situation where, in the moment, I could see more negative than positive. In the moments following, I considered it a mistake. For two days, I wrestled with what seemed like a moral dilemma in my mind. I talked it out to many friends, and I did some soul-searching and found my peace through these outlets. After the smoke cleared, I saw that there were more positive aspects to the situation than I originally thought, and once I came to terms with it, the negative didn’t matter as much. I am now easily able to brush it off. I am finding myself excited, and thankful for the situation. Regret is no longer a part of the situation. It was not a mistake, but a beginning to a new part of life.

In both of these situations, I happened to have friends that help me come to a conclusion. It may take more soul searching for you to find your inner peace. Whether you are dealing with insecurities, or bad decisions, then coming to terms with the issue will relieve the anxiety and doubts associated with dwelling on it. Ask yourself some questions. Will this matter in 1 year? Does this make me any less of a wonderful person (NOT does it make you FEEL less wonderful)? What can I learn from this? Am I okay with my decision?

If have a specific issues to address, feel free to contact me.


Saturday, November 1, 2014

Copycat the Cool Way #13

This is going to be a lot shorter than most posts. I had my fall study break this week, so I had only two days of school. I did, however, go to another football game today so we're lucky to have three outfits. I just want to mention that it is November 1st. Where I live, it snowed. SNOW! I am a winter person, but only when it is winter. Before winter is not okay. I left the game at halftime because my friend and I couldn't feel our legs. So the outfit I chose did not work out so well. Oh well.

Tuesday- I found this outfit via Pinterest, but it is on the blog That Kind of Woman. I feel like I use this dress too often. I have some crazy awesome dresses, and I think they all need a chance to play outside of the closet. But since it is SNOWING (sense my bitterness?) these days, I can no longer bare my legs. Siiiigh. I loved the colour of the shirt with the dress though. My mom says that she wouldn't have used the belt I chose though. What do you think?

Dress- Old Navy
Denim Shirt- Old Navy
Belt- Jessica Simpson

Wednesday- This is was so simple. I liked the plain shirt from Atlantic-Pacific, but I added a patterned shirt and bold lip to the outfit. It was rather brave of me to wear my sandals. I'm trying to hold on to the fall weather before temperatures start dropping I guess.

Button up- Old Navy
Jean Jacket- Old Navy
Jeans- Old Navy

Bonus- Like I said, this was too cold. And I was wearing a jacket and a scarf on top of this! I came up with this outfit by myself. It's nothing special, but I love these jeans. The Old Navy cropped jeans are back!

Hat- Roots
Sweater- Bluenotes
Shirt- University Book Store
Jeans- Old Navy
Shoes- Converse

Nails of the Week- This week, I wore Essie's Fair Game. I'm not a huge fan of metallic shades, but I  liked this one compared to others I tried.

And that was my week in outfits! I loved the days I got to spend in my jammies. It's been a good week. That's all!

How's the weather shaping up where you live?